WhatsApp Web for iPhone,5,5C/6,6S/7| iOS 9,9.3.5,10

It’s been one year yet, when WhatsApp Web released.  WhatsApp is a good extension to use WhatsApp on your PC. Since WhatsApp Web only dedicated to Android and Windows users only for first stage; here, certainly most of iPhone users felt disappointment. Though WhatsApp official announced to bring WhatsApp Web for iPhone 6 ASAP and team WhatsApp released it as promised. Hence, iPhone users also now enabled to use WhatsApp on PC or WhatsApp Web.

Until now, iPhone users unable to use WhatsApp Web since no official release WhatsApp Web for iPhone. It took 8months to be released, iPhone users have to do tricky jail break to use WhatsApp Web then. But, as there is now official update for iPhone, users wouldn’t find any trouble using WhatsApp Web with their iPhone.You can also check out here how to install aptoide app on pc.

web whatsapp for iphone

Some requirements to use WhatsApp Web:

Using WhatsApp Web is a good experience on your big screen. If you’re looking for WhatsApp Web for iPhone, there are some limitations or requirements that you should have a look these requirements.

  1. First of all to use WhatsApp Web feature you will need iOS 8.1 and newer iOS versions in your iPhone device.
  2. Obviously updated version of WhatsApp app in your iPhone device to use WhatsApp Web.
  3. WhatsApp officials recommend WhatsApp users to use latest browser like Safari, Chrome, Opera, Firefox etc but Internet Explorer is not supported by the WhatsApp officials to use WhatsApp Web for iPhone.
  4. Stable connection both on your PC and iPhone to get connected with your friends via WhatsApp. Because you have to synchronize your iPhone with your PC.
  5. And a WhatsApp account as well.

How to Use WhatsApp Web for iPhone Users?how to open whatsapp web on iphone

To use WhatsApp Web for iPhone follow the bellow procedure subsequently to proceed.

  1. Open WhatsApp app on your iPhone device, select WhatsApp Settings.
  2. Now select WhatsApp Web option shown below Tell a Friend.
  3. After that you’ll see Scan QR Code
  4. Now go to the WhatsApp Web on your PC or CLICK HERE to redirect from your PC. On the top- left you’ll see QR code.
  5. Immediately Scan the QR code with your iPhone as above mentioned procedure. As QR code will disappear after a while; still you can reload it and scan. Once scan is completed, your PC’s browser will log into your WhatsApp Account and will load your all recent chat list, same like on your iPhone after opening WhatsApp app.

Back in August 2015 after release of WhatsApp Web for iPhone, most of users felt good towards this useful extension. Though, Android and Windows device users already experienced this feature on their PCs.

So this is how you can use WhatsApp Web for iPhone, hope you are experiencing the WhatsApp Web on your PC. I hope you have learned a lot about WhatsApp Web and how to use in your iPhone. So, I guess simultaneously you have liked reading, this article too. If you are having any queries or problems regarding installing or using WhatsApp Web in your iPhone then you are welcome to comment us in the comment section. Thanks for reading the article with me till the end.

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