5 Weird Unusual Strange Odd Website On The Internet

Internet is a whole different planet where there are many useful sites that can give us many information etc. Internet is very good place for getting useful knowledge regarding studies office projects etc. But there are some websites found in the internet that are made for no purpose, according to me this all weird website should have been removed from internet. But some of this weird websites are helpful when you are full of stressed because they can make you laugh out loud when you are tensed of your work.

Here I am going to list out some of the top weird websites in the internet and will tell you in brief about why this websites comes under the calculation of weird websites. I am sure reading this article will shock you that even these types of website exist in the internet world. So keep patience and  keep reading the article the end, I am sure you will laugh out loud after reading this you can also check out some best torrent download sites.
really weird websites

Most Weird Internet Sites

  • nooooooooooooooo.com: This website is very odd but not that bad also. If you are tensed of your boss that keep shouting at you in your work place and you want to shout out loud your frustration.Than this is the best website for you because if you are frustrated enough connect your headphone in your PC and go to this website and press the blue button on the screen and enjoy the shouting of a robot. You can press that blue button as much as you want.Now thats called weird things on the internet.check out some free movie downloading sites.
  • ilooklikebarackobama.com: This is one of the most weirdest website that is very much not useful for any one. I guess you can make it out why I am saying that this site is weird for all, The domain name itself is very funny that you look like Barack Obama who is a great leader of USA. The owner of this site is very funny with his thinking because he somehow look like Barack Obama but his eyes and ears are totally different from Obama.This is the weird websites to visit on the internet.
  • Flightradar24.com: This site is not that funny or weird but if you see through the view of rules and regulation of the constitution then this is very illegal. Because if you are using this site means you are viewing live radar where you can see from where to where planes are arriving and in which direction and in which speed. Even you can know about the longitude and latitude of the plane. So this is something unique but I feel like it is illegal, but this is somewhat interesting and crazy websites.You can watch cartoon online for free at these cartoon sites.
  • Secrettechnology.com:  This site is very tricky where you can get information of every weapons of secret army, government, plagues, diseases etc. This site can also harm you by giving such secret information which need to be kept secret from normal citizen. But if you think in case of transparencies then the site is great. But the thing is you need to be careful while browsing this site and always take this site seriously then it is alright for every one.
  • Alienabductions.com: Actually this is a funny site where according to the site every one of us is been abducted through the history of alien. This site is of no use and according to me by now this site should not have been there in the internet but unfortunately yu will be able to find this site in the internet. You can go to the site and have fun with some aliens.

So this is all the top five weird site that are found in the internet and you can just have your time pass by just visiting in the site. This sites are just a waste product by some one in the internet that are kept for the comedy sense in the internet.

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I hope you came to know why this sites are weird and why this site should vanish from internet as soon as possible. Any way thanks for reading this article for knowing some of the weird sites on the internet .Keep visiting our site if you want more shocking article regarding internet  etc.

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