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Personally, I love watching few of my childhood favourite cartoons online now and then, as not every episode released nowadays are available on TV. Watching Cartoons like Dragon ball Super, Naruto Shippuden, One Piece new series and even Fairy Tail (Especially after Episode 200) which you can rarely find even on Official DVD release. This is where watching cartoon online make sense all the sites which we are going to list in this article would allow you to stream, download or watch cartoon online show online for free.hope you like it you can also check out some of our popular article on how to stream movies online for free.

Online cartoon sites offer you with both premium and official releases which take a millennium to be released even on Bluray. Even over that you can choose to watch your favourite cartoon on their default language which is available online in 2 different versions that you can choose from:

  • Subbed: This version is the official releases which can be in the native language of the cartoon’s origin which is available for all cartoons which are especially made in Japan, Korea and china etc. This subbed versions are applied with English subtitle or any other subtitle whichever is official for the specific country.( English being the default sub in maximum places)
  • English dubbed anime : Dubbed can be categorised into 2 main streams which are the Official dubs where you will be able find the cartoons voices dubbed into English or any other language which can’t be caught easily by views. And the second one is the Fan Dub which is found on a regular basis now-a-days with the increasing demand for Dubbed contents are easy to understand.
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Say Goodbye to Annoying ADS while watching anime shows online:

Not just that, if you are watching cartoons online, you will definitely notice one of the best feature that you always hated on TV. Guess what’s that? ADVERTISEMENTS!!!  I have always hated the idea of advertisements between a cartoon shows. Especially when Son Goku is beating the sh*# out of Hit 😛 (Thanks to God That Dragon Ball Super is available online without annoying ads). Or an ad between the battle of Uchiha brothers.

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free cartoon movies anime online:

And wait,free online cartoons sites has one more advantage that you can enjoy from.One of the biggest hit in the world of cartoon POKEMON has over 22 different movies online about which many of us are unaware of. Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball even Naruto and Fairy Tail and many other cartoonsAnime offers online movie can enjoy all of these in english dubbed anime cartoon as well as in your native language.I really like this dub anime feature of all these site i hope you will enjoy it too.

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if all these weren’t enough, the one thing that makes watching cartoon online unbeatable is the facts that you can enjoy all this features free of cost. Yes that’s right all these feature for FREE!How? Well… It just happened. All you have to do is sign in with your genuine email address and follow a simple sign up verification. (Which I did and it only took a few minutes).So let me bring you the online world of your cartoon/anime fantasy where you can choose to watch a lot of old and new cartoon shows which are not even available on Tv or DVD any time anywhere right in your without further do let’s get down to main topic i.e watch cartoon online for free.:p


If you are more into cartoon then anime contents then this is what you need. offers with the best contents for the best cartoon that you can choose to watch from. What makes the best online cartoon site is that you can choose to watch online cartoon based on New cartoon, Top day, Top week, Top Month and most popular.These 5 different categories of timeline offers you with different cartoon that you can choose from to watch from when you are not watching your favourite cartoons which will defiantly be available on


This is my final destination for watching all my favourite anime shows, you name it and Kissanime has it for you. In you can choose from 3 different categories like New & Hot Recent addition and Most Popular. These 3 different categories has 3 different outputs of anime shows which you can choose to enjoy from. More over that you can choose to watch from all other old school best anime shows like Bleach,Hunter X Hunter, Dragon Ball, Z, GT, One piece and many many more.

Note: These 2 sites are related and which makes it even better as you can choose to switch from cartoon to anime or anime to cartoon while watch any of the shows available on both the sites for free.

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Additional Manga & Comic Contents:

To all Manga & Comic readers out there, you can even choose to read your favourite manga and comic which is also available on both the respective sites. So enjoy.

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