How To Remove/Unlock Memory Card Password

In this post we are going to cover the topic of how to remove memory card password with or without pc for all kind of mobile stick around and don’t be we are not just giving away a solution for remove memory card from android phones but all we are specifying the various methods of unlock or removing memory card password from android,symbian,windows phones.In today’s generation, many people are there who keep a password to their Memory card to protect their important files, photos, videos,etc. By maintaining a password in the memory card, everything will get secured. You can also do it. But what if you forgot the password to SD Card? You simply cannot get the access to the protected files than in the SD card without unlocking it with the respective password. Even manually it won’t be possible. So let’s get to know How To Remove Memory Card can also check out here some best whatsapp dp post.

Here you will be acquainted with four different methods to Unlock Memory Card Password.

Method #1:

How to Unlock SD Card Password for Symbian Mobiles:

  • In this process, you need to at first download any file explorer for your respective device to scan all the files present on your phone.
  • Now open the browser app and after that, you will have to press 0 on the keypad. This allows you to check system files.
  • Then you will have to look for the file named mmcstore which you will find in the system folder.
  • After finding it, open it with an editor and look for a code TMSD02G.
  • Now just delete that code and you ready to reset your password for SD card.

Method #2:

Remove Password from SD Card for Nokia E or N series specially:

  • At first, you will have to insert the card in your Nokia N or Nokia E series phone.
  • Secondly, just format the device.
  • You will see it isn’t asking you for any password.

This way is good for Nokia N or Nokia E series devices, but you try out for other phones too but naturally at your risk.

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Method #3:

How to unlock the SD card in Android Devices or any PC:

  • At the first, you need to go to the file manager of your device.
  • Next, select the system folders in the setting option.
  • Find a file named mmcstore in the system folder of your device.
  • Now you need to send that file to any other device such as PC or Laptop via Bluetooth or data cable.
  • Try opening that file in the notepad version.
  • Lastly, after opening, you will find the password in that file.

You can use this method for any device that has the access to the mmcstore file of the memory card. You can quickly then remove or unlock the password from your SD card. If you are doing for Pc or Laptop, just copy the file to your Android device.

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Method #4:

Memory card password remover  Software to unlock mmc card

  • Just remove the SD card from your Android phone.
  • Now try to insert it into your Laptop or PC.
  • After inserting, click on the device disk.
  • For Windows PC or Laptop, select the option “Format” from your menu option.
  • Finally, you will see that your SD card password is removed or unlocked.


Hopefully, this article will help you in opening or remove your SD card or memory card password. Try out the above procedures so as to get your lock issues solved. Happy Unlocking memory card Password!


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    I use Nokiaasha210 mobile phone i forget my micro sdcard password

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