Best News Websites In The World 2016 [Latest Edition]

Here is the list of top News Sites from all over the world. The websites are listed according to the popularity and highest ratings. The list of Best News Sites is prepared based on the news types and subscribers of the english news websites.

Here, in this post you will get the World’s Best News webSites all together that can really help you to get the latest and healthiest news. So, take a look on the can also have look to our last post on best music downloading websites to download mp3 songs for free.

best websites for news

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Best News Sites – All around the World:

  • com: CNN is extremely popular news website as a top News Site. You will get all the latest and updated news here. Thousands of staffs are always involved in the process to make their site full of news related information.
  • Yahoo! News: Yahoo! News is second in the list of popularity and providing best news around all over the world. You will get all category of latest and updated news here.
  • Google News: Google news is from the house of no.1 search engine Google. It’s also one of the best website for news. Latest and updated news .
  • CBS News: CBS provides all the latest and updated and recent news from their website online 24*7. Their team is always busy to update their site with all the latest news. Also, they have email service through which they sent emails to their subscribers with the recent news.
  • HuffingtonPost: HuffingtonPost is in fifth position in terms of Best News Sites. They have estimated over one billion monthly unique visitors. So, you may choose this website for the latest news worldwide.
  • New York Times: New York Times is the most popular news sites in worldwide. It has millions of monthly visitors. And they are one of the fastest news providers. They have their people almost all the countries.
  • BBC News: BBC News is another Best News Site in the list.

Other most popular News Sites in the internet are:

  • Fox News
  • NBC News
  • Mail Online
  • The Guardian
  • ABC News
  • Times of India
  • USA Today
  • LA Times

These are the list of Best News Sites where you will get all the recent, latest and updated news anytime from anywhere.

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