This article is all about how to remove the write protection from the SD card USD Drive easily and quickly. With the advancement of technology, nowadays mostly all the USB drives and SD cards comes with a write protection option. But these write protection switches don’t allow any user to transfer or copy files to any other device.Here you can also check out how to remove memory card password.

So let’s not waste more time, let’s come to the point. Here you will find some of the best and easy ways to remove write protection from any SD card or USB drive quickly. It needs only a few minutes to perform the procedures, and you can do it simply without any help of professionals.

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Remove write protected from USB or SD card:

  1.    See whether the USB drive has a lock or not. Mostly, the SD cards or pen drives are found to have a lock system that prevents it from getting formatted. If you found your SD card or pen drive also have a lock, then just push the lock in the direction opposite to it. It will get unlocked.
  2.    Next step will be to scan the pen drive or SD card using proper antivirus software.
  3.    Using Windows PC, you can remove the write protect in SD card or Flash drive.

You need to check your system registry as there can be several problems and errors that might occur in your PC but can be solved by the registry. Just follow some simple steps below:

  • First, Select the Start button and then type “Regedit”. You will need to open the Registry Editor then.
  • After that see the below way once the editor got opened.


  • Finally you get to see the option “Write Protection”. Give a “double” click on that and put a value of zero (0).
  • Then try to format the SD card or Flash Drive. If you still can’t format it, then check for the steps below.
  1. Now you need to open the diskpart utility in order to remove the write protected. Follow the steps below to perform it:
  • Select the “COMMAND PROMPT” and then open it and just write “DISKPART” and press ENTER.
  • Once opened, write “LIST DISK” and ENTER.
  • Then again write “SELECT DISK 1” so as to choose your Memory card and again press ENTER.
  • In order to remove the write protected from the Memory card you need to write “ATTRIBUTES DISK CLEAR RANDOMLY” and again press ENTER.

Finally, you are 95% done with the removing process. Just write “EXIT” and hit the ENTER key so as to exit the main menu. Now, format your SD card or Pen Drive easily.

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So that’s it! Now just quickly remove the write protection for your Pen Drive or Memory Card and also can copy the data. After reading the article and following the processes hopefully correctly it will be now easy for you to remove the write protection from any USB.

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