Memory Card Error Recovery -Fix/Recover Data

Memory card are mostly used in Digital Camera and mobile phones. CF card, SD card, and Memory stick are the most popular ones today.Memory card does not come with a so called high data space,but these are just enough to save our important data taken by cell phone or a Digital camera.It is certain that without a tiny memory card our Smartphone or Digital camera goes out of data space easily.Thus a memory card with required data space is very essential.

Although, like any other electronic products, a memory card also gets corrupted for several reasons.Memory card error shows up during shortage of power,malfunctioning and some unknown reason.Once the memory card error occurs,Windows will refuse to access into your card data.

damaged memory card recovery

When Memory Card Error Occurs?

Memory card error could lead your important data into flush gone in vain.At the time your memory card is corrupted,memory card write protected or damaged, you might have seen a prompt message that ask you to re-formate your memory card.

If your memory card is damaged or if it appears error, step back and keep your hands  off from attempting any further operation with your memory card. From this point, you will need help of an additional card recovery software.

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When you are not able to access into your memory card, a data recovery software can save your data from the damaged or corrupted memory card. For the best outcome, EaseUS Card Recovery  Wizard is the one I will recommend to you.

Why EaseUS?Corrupted Memory Card Recovery?

There are dozens of Data recovery software rolling over the tech market.Nevertheless, as I have mentioned only EaseUS, this one is certainly the best as per my experience. EaseUS can recover all kind of deleted or lost files such as picture, audio, video, emails, and documents.This one amazing software is capable to recover lost data almost from all kind of your digital devices that includes PC, Laptop, storage media, mobile phone, digital camera, etc etc.

It does not matter what is the reason of your memory card error, EaseUS will help you t;o get your stuff back which is lost because of software crash, formatting, deleting, hard  drive damage, partition loss, or malfunctioning.

How to Fix Memory Card Error And Recover Data?

Now if  you are already faced the memory card error issue, this is the ultimate solution for you. And, if you are lucky enough and didn’t get through this situation yet, this guideline will be saviour in the future. Because, who knows, when and how your memory card gets freaked?

Here we go step by step method, recovering data from your damaged memory card,fixing what is lost.

Step 1: Insert your memory card into your PC computer using a card reader.Be assured that a drive letter shows up when you connect the reader into PC.

Step 2: Now, download  and install the trial version of EaseUS Card Recovery Wizard in your computer. You can buy the premium version as well.

Step 3: Once the EaseUS is successfully installed, run it and select ‘Deep scan’ option  which will track down lost data of memory card.

Step 4: When the scanning is over, it will expose the list of lost files or corrupted files. You can ‘Preview’  the files before recovering them.

Step 5: Once you are confirmed about your desired data or files, you can proceed to click on the  ‘Recover’ option which will immediately recover the data to your PC computer.

In case you need this data recovery software for future uses, you can purchase EaseUS registration code which will allow you to use permanently.As you have recovered and saved you important data and files to a safe space of your PC, you can now proceed to re-formate the damaged memory card and fix memory card error.

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