Best internet browser for mac – Fastest, Lightest

Digits are in our DNA’s today. We just can’t imagine a day without accessing into net-world. And a browser plays the role of only door to enter into this digital world. Whether you are accessing into internet through mobile phone or a computer, a good internet browser is a must needed. Here I have come with best internet browsers for mac, which will be very informative for iOS folks.

Apple Mac is certainly the robust among the PC computers. Although, this beast is just incomplete without a internet browser, as we depends on internet for all kind of productivity. For the best productivity of your work with Mac, best web browsers for mac  is highly recommended.

top internet browsers for OSX

Top 5 Internet Browser for MacOS  

Generally, when it’s about browser tool, Chrome and Mozilla Firefox comes into our mind at very first. But, we shall be aware that there are more efficient browsing tools available in the market, which are very good in quality, satisfying in performance.I have assembled top best browser for Mac OS, and put them rank-wise. Pick one which suits best for you.  

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#1. Chrome Browser For Mac

No doubt, Chrome is the best browser for all kind of OS platforms including Mac OS. Beating up the ex top browser Mozilla, today is the most popular and appreciated browser. What makes the chrome browser the best? Let’s find out sneaking into its characteristics.

  • Its design is simple and user-friendly.
  • Open multiple tabs at the same time with no freezing experience.
  • Rich with many essential extensions.
  • Neat and clean environment.

#2. Mozilla Firefox for Mac

On the second top of best browser for Mac OS, I am placing Mozilla Firefox. If you require a Chrome Browser alternative, Mozilla will be first option. Before Chrome, it was on the top for a period of time. Mozilla is still a must have browser for Mac users. Here is why Mozilla is still on the game-

  • Mozilla Firefox includes live titles and live bookmarks.
  • The browser checks your spellings which improves your language.
  • Built-in popular search engines like Google, and Bing.
  • A wide range of various Add-ons is embedded.

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#3. Opera Browser For Mac

Another must have Mac browser today is Opera. Most of Smartphone users picked up Opera as the best Browser. Apart from the success in mobile platforms, Opera is now also rolling over PC markets. Why you should hand-pick Opera-

  • Downloading torrent files is easier in Opera than any other browser with its in-built browsing alternative.
  • Very smooth functionality and cool looking interface.
  • Preview opened websites by placing the mouse cursor on the certain tab.

#4. Maxthon Browser For Mac OS

Maxthon is one of the best browsers with highly customizable interface. If you are thinking of something new, or do some experiment with your browsing tool, Maxthon is a must try. Maxthon Key features-

  • Highly customizable.
  • Its built-in Ad hunter blocks malicious ads automatically.
  • A wide range of plug-ins available.
  • The cloud browser has the ability to synchronize your tabs, bookmarks, address bars, etc.

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#5. Torch Browser  

You can have a better internet experience with Torch browser. It is a rich browser many built-in features including customizable tweaks. Let’s have a glance on its key features-

  • Drag & Drop feature helps you to translate, search, and share links in ease.
  • It has a built-in torrent which allows you to manage torrent downloads easily.
  • The browser lets you to share your stuffs to Facebook and Twitter directly from it.

So, these are the best browser for Mac OS with fastest net browsing and lightest in weight. All of them are free of cost and worth downloading. If you are looking for the best, you don’t have to look beyond this.

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