How To Download/Install Remix On PC/MAC/Laptop/Windows 7,8,8.1,10

If you want to make your PC unique from other or if you are going to modify your PC in to android then here I present you Remix OS. This is a software for your PC which can change the looks and function of your PC instantly. If you are having Remix OS in your PC then it means you are turning your PC in to android PC other than windows. Which means you are changing the whole OS of your PC. There are many feature using this OS in your PC but you may think how to install this interesting OS in your PC.

Today I am here to describe all about this Remix OS for pc. Like there are many features of remix OS  that is you can open multiple window in your wish like your android phone. So if you are having a 32 bit PC then you are very welcome to download this OS in your PC and change your PC totally in to android PC. So let’s see what actually is this remix OS for PC is can also check out here some how to Download Kingroot Apk For Android,PC,Windows

install remix os on pc

How to install Remix OS for PC?Remix os for pc download?

This remix OS is very different type of android and is very flexible and the features of this Remix OS is very much different from normal android OS. So before knowing how to install RemixOS in your PC first of all let’s know the features of Remix OS.

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Features of remix OS:

  • You will be able to open multiple window because there is no boundary that you will need to follow about opening new window in your desktop screen.
  • You can have apps of android install in this remix OS and there is a task bar too. This task bar will help you in making your work easy because you will not need to search for any particular app for longer any more.
  • The way the notification comes is just excellent. The way you pull of the notification abr in your android phone. The same is here, you will have to pull the notification bar from the side of the screen. You will feel just like android phone using your PC.
  • The shortcuts remain the same. As you have some keyboards shortcuts in Windows OS the same shortcuts can be used here too. So it’s not a big deal with the shortcuts.
  • The function of the mouse is reverse in Remix OS you are to use right click all the time. So this is the unique one features of Remix OS from Windows OS.
  • The most awful thing in this Remix OS is that here you will get a file manager just like your phone. Instead of My computer you will store your movies and stuffs in the file manager of the OS. ISn’t this interesting?

Let’s see How to Install Remix OS in Your PC:

For installing Remix OS in your PC you will need to have a PC first of all:

  1. First of all your will need to have Remix OS and for having download this OS from their official site. Their official site is very easy to find in the internet.
  2. Now secondly format the USB stick and change the format simultaneously.
  3. Now you can finally start the Remix USB installer.
  4. And Reboot the computer so that you can install Remix OS easily.
  5. Finally you will be given to choose between resident mode and guest mode, you can choose any of them according to your wish.
  6. Finally you are having Remix OS in your PC and you can turn your PC in to android PC now.

So this is all the steps to get Remix OS in your PC successfully. This OS is very user friendly  so I guess you can help it any way in your PC. I hope you have read all the important things that are to be done in Remix OS. Thanks for reading the article patiently.

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