Top 30 Free Movie Apps for Android And iOS In 2017 [100% Working]

Free Movie Apps: Movie is one of the most popular sources of entertainment. No human being can be found on this planet who does not like to watch movies. Depending on the different taste of different people, there are various kind of movies are being made all around the world

.But The question is how can we watch all of these movies on our mobile? if you are seeking the solution for this question then you have arrived to right place where we would be discussing the list of best free movie apps for android and iphone which will allow you to watch movie online for free no signup let directly jump into free movie streaming apps list.

Going to Theatre for a movie may cost you pretty much and TV are full of ads and you won’t be able to watch the movie you wish at a particular moment on TV. So, the best way to watch your favourite movie at any time and any place is online free movie apps which allow you to watch movie online for free on mobile phones.Especially in this post we have shared the best free movie app for android phones.So let get down to the list of best free movie apps. 

However, all sort movie streaming sites available in the World Wide Web are not genuine. Many of them are very poor in movie contents. Some of them contain malware which are very harmful to your computing devices. So, it is highly suggested to rely on only the genuine website or apps that serve the best and malware-free movie contents.

It is hard to find out which website or apps should work best on your device as there are too many of them to try. So, making your task even easier on this regard, we have analyzed and assembled the list of best free movie apps for Android, iOS, and Windows devices which would allow you to watch movies online for free without any sign on the go.

Top 30 Best Free Movie Apps for Android/iOS

1: ShowBox App

The most concerned free movie app we have today is the ShowBox movie app. This movie app is available for both the Android and iOS devices. It has a huge database of movies and TV Shows.

The movie app offers almost all kind of movies and popular TV Shows as well. The app unfortunately had been taken down from Google Play and iTunes due to some copyright issues. However, you can download this  movie streaming app from its official website.

Most popular genres of movies we watch most often are Action, Comedy, Drama, Animation, Horror, Si-Fi, Fiction, Historical, Thriller, Crime, etc. Apart from these popular movie genres, we can see other genres as well like Biopic, Sports, Documentary, etc which are easily available in showbox movie app.This is one of the best movie apps for movie streaming without doubt.

movie app download

This popular movie app allow you to watch streamed movie and TV shows online, or you can download the contents for future plays. The app user-interface is very simple. You can easily navigate to various categories from its Homepage. It can be used in your PC as well.

2: Cinema Box App

Our second best pick for free movie android app is the Cinema Box. The app is literally best in providing quality services. But it is currently available for only Android platform. You can use it in your PC with the help of Android emulator software. The prime service of this app is to stream movies and TV shows for free to watch  this app is just like free best movie apps of 2017 showbox.

cinema box app download

A CinemaBox app user can also download the contents for watching offline anytime. If you want to watch the movies or TV shows on a bigger screen rather than just 5” screens of Smartphone devices, you can easily cast the shows from Cinema Box to Google Chromecast. As the app won’t be available in the Google Play Store, you will need to download the apk file from an unauthorized source.

3: MegaBox HD

This is one of the newly launched list of the latest free android movie app no sign up, especially coded and designed Android users. You can get this app in the Google authorized online portal Google Play. This app is not yet available for iOS users; however, you can have this app on your Windows PC using third party software called Bluestacks.

megabox app download

Mega Box will provide all kind of movies and most popular TV shows to watch or download without spending a dime. So, certainly this is the third top pick in this category.  

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4: Bobby Movie Box App

The app is amazing and rich in advanced features perfect member of free full movie apps.The app has a user-friendly interface and provides HD quality movie and TV show contents. You can have all kind of movie genres here. The Homepage will navigate you to various categories like Latest added, Hot, Most Watched, etc. The only downside of this app is that it is not yet available for Android platform. You can get this app in your iOS devices for free.bobby movie app

5: Viewster

Viewster is best Android movie app.No matter what movie genre is your concern, you will find all kind of movies of your wish list in this movie app. This movie app is free to download and install in your mobile device. It serves its users with hundreds of free movies and TV shows. You will get movies of various languages like English, Chinese, Japanese, etc. The movies can be filtered with your concerned language so that you can easily reach to the movies of your language.This is definitely versatile free mobile movie apps for android and ios users. 

viewster app

You can check out the Biography section where you will get info of popular actors and actresses. In this app, you will get late and upcoming movie trailers. Latest celebrity news is also being updated in here. Android device users may download this app from Google Play store and use it in their PC as well.

6: Crackle App

Crackle is one of the best android movie apps and alternative to showbox app. The best thing about Crackle movie app is that the app fits in almost all kind of devices like Streaming device, Smart TV, xBox, etc. Of course it is available in the Android, IOS devices as well as in Windows PC. If you don’t like to get the app, you can freely visit their website and watch or download free movies and TV shows.

movie app crackle

7: Newest Movies HD

Another movie app for watching movies can certainly rely on is the Newest Movies HD. As the name itself shouts much of it, you will find all the latest and newest released movies here. This app is very much useful if you have kids in Home as the app also provides cartoon movies and clips to freely watch and download. It also has a very user-friendly interface that everyone can operate.   

Newest Movies HD download

8: Tubi TV App

Tubi TV is recently the most talked movie app.This popular movie app provides all the basic requirements when it comes to best movies streaming apps. It also provides full description of the movie you pick. Popular genres like Action, Horror, Comedy, Drama, etc are the most concerned and featured movies by Tubi TV and its users around the world. Whether you are into watching online, or downloading for offline play, Tubi TV is one of the best movie streaming app.

9: Yidio Free Movie App

The app Yidio is different from other latest movie apps. It does not host the movie or TV show contents by itself. It acts like a search engine and direct you to the useful sites where you can download your desire movie contents from. Best thing about this app is that it provides a wide range of trustworthy sites rather than poor ones. You can have this app on both of your Android and iOS devices.This movie app could become the best alternative application for Bobby Movie Box.vidio app download

10: Popcornflix

Popcornflix is currently the Top movie apps for iOS.In the Homepage of this app or website you will see various kinds of sections like “Most Viewed”, “Newly Added”, etc. You can search your desired movies or TV shows by their titles and the genre they belong to. No registration or login required, just open the app or visit their official website and have fun of your desired movies. The app is available in iOS and Android platforms.

popcorn app

11: Flipps HD App

This is much more than just a movie streaming app. Inside the app, you will find popular music tracks, latest movies and various viral videos to have fun with. Using this app, you can stream the movies or videos to your Smartphone and TV. You can watch the Flipps contents online or download them. Officially the app is available only for Android phone and Tabs.

flipps app download

12: Hubi Movie App

This app is also officially introduced for Android devices. The app lets it users to stream TV series and movies. It does not host or keep any database of movie or TV show contents. The app simply leads you to various websites and lets you to download your desired movies or TV shows from a reputed platform. The downloading speed is faster through this app comparing other movie streaming apps.

hubi movie app

13: IMDb Movies & TV

In terms of movie database, no other pp can beat the IMDb. The platform provides all kind of information of actors, actresses and Movies. It also rate a particular movie based on the viewers opinion. The IMDb ratings help you to pick better movies among many. You can watch the movie trailers too. The IMDb app supports on both the iOS and Android platforms.     

movie app for streaming

14: YouTube App

You must be familiar with the name YouTube. This is the world’s most recognized site where billions of various kinds of videos are available. You can watch and download the video contents from YouTube for free of cost. In the early days, there was no mobile app of YouTube. Over the time, Google has developed the YouTube app and made it available in default with any Android device. The YouTube app is also available for the iOS devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

youtube movie app

15: RedBox

RedBox take home the best credits from the game lovers as it provide interesting video games along with streaming HD quality movies. This is a great movie app which can be your mate in the space times. You will find ever desired to watch movies right here. As the app supports on both the Android and IOS platforms, you don’t have to worry of what kind of Smartdevice you are using.

redbox movie app

16: Direct TV Movie App

Another must have movie app for your android to watch free movies online or download them for later entertainment is the Direct TV. This app is available in the Google Play store for free of cost. The app also features a voice search where you can simply speak up your desired movie or TV show title and the content will be showcased to you. The app streams several popular TV channels like HBO, StarZ, Cinemax, Showtime and more. You can share your fav video contents to the social sites like Facebook and Twitter.

direct tv app

17: Streaming Movies

The speciality of this certain app is that it comes with an ad free service. If you are serious movie watcher, this top movie streaming app will be providing you many smart movies that should be watch seriously to understand the plots. You can have this movie app on your Android or iOS device for free No registration or subscription is needed to get started with it.

18: NetFlix Movie Streaming App

If you have enough bucks in the pocket to throw on the HD and 3D movies right at your Smart TV, Netflix is the thing you would never like to get rid of.  The best movie streaming service is now available for mobile devices too with 30 days of free trial service. You can get your fav TV series in complete episodes and any kind of movies you are in mood to watch, just go for it via Netflix. You can have fun with this app no matter what kind of device you are using.

netflix movie app

19: Hulu Movie App

Another best movie streaming app we can count in the top list is the Hulu app. Hulu already served millions of users with its official streaming site. Now, it is available in the app version to serve mobile users better. The Hulu is a premium service; however, any user can start with 30 days of free trial version on each download. The best feature of the Hulu is that a user can demand for any movies if his/her desired movie is not available in the database. Hulu will be uploading the on-demand movie contents ASAP.

hulu movie app

20: Dish Anywhere

There is a lot similarity between the Direct TV and Dish Anywhere. The app is also convenient in streaming movies and TV shows anywhere. The app also serves an ad-free service. So, there should not be any disturbance while watching TV series or movies online. The user-friendly interface also a worth mentioning here. Android user will be downloading this app from the Android app store without paying a penny.

dish anywhere app

21: Max Go

The popular TV Channel Cinemax is now available in app version. You would never take your TV with you wherever you go. That is literally not possible. But, least, you can take the TV channels with you anywhere and switch to it to watch movies and TV shows. The app version of Cinemax is called Max Go and it streams your desired contents free of cost.

max go app

22: Movies By Flixster

The list of top movie apps would be incomplete without mentioning the Movies by Flixster. The App is very light in weight so that it may take only couple of minutes to get downloaded and installed in your Smartdevice. Once the app is installed, you can freely watch or download the streamed movies without spending any cent. movie app download

23: Free Movies

The app offers exactly what it is named. If you are looking for online free movie with High quality contents, Free Movies should be the option of the day. People who are still stuck with Android older versions like Ice-cream Sandwich or GingerBread, this app may work the best for them. The app comes with a lightest size of only 997 kb. The app runs and plays movies smoothly without any Flash player installed.

24: Big Star Movies

Another light weight android movie app you can have for your low end Smartphone device is Big Star Movies app. The app has a huge database of movies including both the premium and free ones. You may have fun with hundreds of free contents from it. However, if you want to access to the full service of this app, you will need to pay about $5 for each monthly service.

big star movies app

25: Fandango Movies

Fandango is a must have movie app for those who are really into movies. Movie freaks would be pleased to know that the app does not only deal in streaming free movies but also provide movie original tickets online for Theatres. You can watch any newly released or upcoming movie trailers here before hitting a Theatre. Whether on theatre or Smartphone, Fandango Movies is the best for a great movie time.

26: MovieBox App

For the IOS users, one of the most convenient free movie apps that ever created is the MovieBox. The app supports on Android devices as well. Speciality of the MovieBox is that it allows users to pick a file format that suits their device and requirements. You can have fun of watching movies online or download them for playing it later.

watch movies on with free movie apps

27: PlayBox HD

Another best free movie streaming app for iOS and Android devices you can get free of cost is called PlayBox HD. The app deals mainly with HD contents. If you are holding a high end Smart device, PlayBox HD can fit much better and you will be enjoying the high quality movies right on your phone. If you want to watch your Fav TV shows and latest movies on a bigger screen, you can simply rely on the Bluestacks app player to use the movie streaming app on PC.    

playbox movie app

28: SkyHD App

SkyHD is shining among the movie downloader apps for Android that provides only HD quality contents. Certainly this is one worth having app for watching free movies right from our Android or iDevice. The app also supports Google Chromecast, so one doesn’t need to use third party software to watch the Sky HD contents on bigger screens.

skyhd movie app

29: SnagFilms App

Snapfiles app is mostly popular due to it free movie streaming app nature.If you are familiar with the SnagFilms website, you better know rich with entertaining contents this site is. Now the most entertaining contents can be available right at your handy device. For this you don’t need to open a browser or visit their webpage. Simply download the app and launch it whenever you are in mood to have fun with thousands of free movies.

snagfilm movie app

30: Iflix Movie App

Iflix is the newbie in the field of free movie apps for ios that is covering most reliable mobile platforms like windows and Android.This movie app for ios no registration.The app allows its users to download movie and TV series for free. Or, you can watch your desired movies online right from the app. All you need to do is get installed the app in your device, and then sign up to their service.  

iflix movie app for free movie watching

So,i hope you have liked out how to download free movie apps list that can be downloaded in your Android, iOS, Windows PC, or Mac.List of movie apps are tested and research which will guarantee to deliver you what you have expected.Many of the apps will need third party software called Android emulator to be instead in the Windows computer.

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