Best Football Scores App Android

When people think about sports, it is pretty obvious that most of us usually think about football, since it is one of the most popular game across the globe and more than half of the population of the world loves and lives with football score apps.

And just for the fans of Football who don’t want to miss anything or any update of the game which is going on, what would be the best alternative for them to stay updated with the game and its scores?

Let us answer this one for you. True it is that we would love to stay updated via any top football scoring app that you want to go for. Different apps are available for you to stay updated with the recent scores and match highlights and if you really don’t know anything about these, let us answer stuff for you.

There are many of the best football score apps available for you to download and this list below will feature some of those apps.You can also check out some free music downloading apps for pc.

Best football scoring apps

  1. FlashScore Livescore

The reason that this app is on the top of our charts is that it not only keeps you updated with the latest football scores and news but it also brings you latest news and scores from different sports like basketball, tennis, baseball, hockey, cricket and what not? It pushes notifications and scores to your phones more faster than any other app which promises you of better live scores. The thing however is that it will provide you all info regarding the match, be it the score, the lineups, the formation or player information or whatever you want. So overall, you’ll love this app.

  1. Forza Score

This application is also one of the best and overall the most preferred football score applications which not only provides you with full scores of the football matches which are playing but also provides you with great info about summaries of the match, full lineups, score, more info about players and more serious scores and moreover, the push notifications on this app is really faster which will keep you updated with the live scores overall. So anyway, you’ll love this best football score app.

  1. Fotmob

This app for football is yet another one for you to provide you with great scores and faster updates regarding the full updates and the lineups and summaries and with that, the best thing about this football score app is that it has a great interface which you will really love to use and you will enjoy every push notifications which this application will send you after every goal. And with that, this app is available in two version- one is that one which is free and offers basic services for you and the second one is paid which you’ll love obviously. So anyway, you can go for the free version and you will be satisfied with every service you want.

  1. SofaScore

One of the best app for you to provide live scores of all the football matches is this application which not only offers you to be updated with the scores of football but also for the other sports which you would love to see as it provides you with live scores of not only football but also basketball, baseball, cricket and what not? This app has a great Interface which you will love anyway and with that it provides you with great access to the push notifications and you can keep them on anything you want to, be it WiFi or even mobile internet.

Also for some of the matches, it provides you with the video clips of the goals which you can watch easily without any issues. This app also has its own website which you can refer to, anytime for the latest scores and updates regarding the matches that are being played at any point of time.


Here is the best application, indeed the best. From the personal experience, this application is far better than any app that you can even think of and not only that but it also provides you with push notifications of any goal which happens. Moreover it provides you with every feature of the match which you are waiting for along with the lineups, formations, player information and after every goal, you will be able to see the highlights of the goal and the player information.

It has a great interface with a beautiful user experience and really is a complete football score app. It provides instant access to all of the scores so that you keep updated easily. So anyway, go for this best football score app. Moreover it is easily available to download for free on your Android devices.

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