Droid4x Offline Installer for Windows 10/8.1/8/7 and Mac

If you are familiar with Bluestacks then you will definitely love Droid 4x. Ajnd if you are tired of using Bluestacks, Droid4X should be the next thing that you should try next. Just like Bluestacks, Droid 4X is also an anroid emulator which offers new features which are more efficient than Bluestacks. And unlike Bluestacks, Droid 4X has over come a lot of flaws which created a drawback for many other android emulators.

Within 5 months of launch on February 2016, Droid 4X took the experience of using an android on your pc to a whole new level. With features which include the latest and the best Anroid Kernels that would support 99.99% of the games, apps and any other file that you could use on the most expensive android devices.

Due to its newest features and kernel android version now you can enjoy more graphical interface and even more gaming and apps using experience right from the box. And you can choose to install Droid4X offline installer or Droid4X online installer.

Difference between Droid4X Offline Installer and Online Installer:

droidx off line installer download

Droid4x Offline Installer:

With Droid4X Offline installer you can choose to install Droid4X though offline process. This include download the Setup file of Droid4X and installing it just like any other software on your PC or Laptop. With Droid4X offline mode you can easily install and uninstall the app when you want to and you will also be facing a lot of less fatal problems which are faced by many online Droid4X installers. So, it is recommended to download and install the Drod4X offline Installer.

Droid4X Online Installer:

Now installing the Droid4x Online installer is pretty easy compared to other online android emulator online installation. And to install the app all you have to do is visit the Official Droid4X website and download the Setup file which will be 8.32mb in size. And then you have to install the file in your Pc/Laptop. After the installation is over you will be redirected to download an additional 200mb through online. It is recommended to have a good internet connection to download the required files because once the connection is lost you have to start the download right from the start.

I would personally recommend you to use the Droid4X Offline Installer as this is more convenient then online installation.

Features That You Can Enjoy Using the Droid4X Offline Installer:

  • Droid4X is much faster compared to all other emulators.
  • Droid4X allows keyboard key customization to play games easily.
  • You can now use a joystick to play games on your pc with Droid4X.
  • Enjoy the best graphics rendering with the best Android kernel.
  • Take a screenshots easily and share it over with your friends.

And this is how you can get Droid4X Offline Installer easily:

  • First you will need to download the Droid4X offline installer package, which are available in 0.8.2 and 0.8.1 version which are both 230mb each. (There are two different version just incase your OS doesn’t support any one of them.)
  • Now you will need to simply click and install the Droid4X on your pc/laptop.
  • Click on next at the end of the installation to complete the installation purposes.

And that’s it you have successfully installed the Droid4X offline. Now you can enjoy playing your favourite android games and much more right on your pc. Enjoy.

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