How to download music from internet to iPhone 5

Your iPhone 5 could be still the first priority for you but when it comes to music, there could for sure, be done hiccups as the music you buy from iTunes store could just become more of a hectic thing because you know that buying music every now and then could be a bit too much for your pockets.

So in this case, you definitely try to go for the internet and get free music from here. And if same is the case with you, why not to go for getting free music from internet for your iPhone 5?

While you can’t find free music on iTunes any more, you can still get free music from a variety of other sources. There are a multitude of free streaming services that allow you to listen to music on the go without paying for anything. You can also convert YouTube videos into audio files, or download music files from other places online.

Method: Using SoundCloud

  1. Open Chrome, Firefox, or Safari on your computer. To download SoundCloud songs, you’ll need to use one of the provided browsers on your computer. Once you download the songs you want, you can sync them to your iPhone using iTunes.
  1. Open the SoundCloud page for the song you want to download. Use Chrome, Firefox, or Safari to open the page for the song you want to download. Make sure you open the page for the individual song, not an artist’s page.
  1. Click the “Network” tab in the developer tools. This will open the network timeline in the sidebar.
  1. Refresh the page and play the song. You’ll see that the Network tab resets, and various bars start appearing in the Timeline column. The song needs to be playing in order to find it.
  1. Sort the Network tab by *size* Sort the column so that the largest items appear at the top of the list.
  1. Find the song file. It will usually appear at the top of the list, since it is almost always the largest file on the page. The file will not have a recognisable name, but it will say “audio/mpeg” or “mpeg” in the “Type” column.
  1. Right-click the song file and select “Open in a new tab.” This will open the MP3 file in a new tab in your browser. You won’t see anything but the playback controls.
  1. Save the file. Once the MP3 file has been opened in a new tab, you can save it to your computer. Make sure to give the file a recognisable name, since the filename will likely be a jumble of characters.
  1. Add the MP3 files to your iTunes library. After you’ve downloaded the files, you can add it to your iTunes library so that you can easily transfer it to your iPhone. Open iTunes and click the Music button, then drag the MP3 files into the iTunes window. This will add them to your iTunes music library.
  1. Sync the music files to your iPhone. Once the files are in your library, you can quickly add them to your iPhone by dragging them and then releasing them on your iPhone that appears in the left frame. If you have Wi-Fi syncing enabled for your iPhone, you’ll just need to be connected to the same wireless network as your computer.

Method: Use YouTube

  1. Find the song you want to download on YouTube on your computer. It’s not possible to easily download YouTube videos on your iPhone, but you can use your computer to download music from YouTube.


  1. Copy the address for the video you want to turn into an audio file. Make sure to copy the entire address for the video from your browser’s address bar.


  1. Open a YouTube downloader site. These sites take YouTube videos and convert them into video files and MP3s that you can play on your computer and iPhone5.


  1. Paste the YouTube video URL into the field on the downloader site. Paste the address into the text field in the video downloader site. This is usually right in the center of the page.


  1. Click the “Download” button after pasting the link. Make sure you click the real Download button, as many of these sites include deceptive ads that look like Download buttons.


  1. Select and download any of the audio-only links. You’ll find several links, including video and audio-only. You’ll typically find MP3, M4A, and AAC links. All three of these formats are supported by iTunes, so you can choose any of them.


  1. Open iTunes once you’ve downloaded all of your songs. Once you have a bunch of songs downloaded that you want to send to your iPhone, open up iTunes so that you can add them to your library and then sync them.


  1. Add the downloaded songs to your iTunes library. Click the “Music” button and then drag and drop the audio files into the iTunes window. This will add the files to your iTunes library.


  1. Sync the music files to your iPhone. Once the music files have been added to your iTunes library, you can sync them with your iPhone using either a USB cable or a Wi-Fi connection.

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