5 Best Free Proxy Server Sites list to access block sites at home & office

In this post, we are to listing out some of the best free proxy sites list.Hope you will enA proxy server is anonymous proxy server to access blocked sites at you office and home for completely free.very useful when you are blocked to access certain or several websites within a certain area. Your situation may vary. Let’s try to relate some situation with yours,your institution administrator blocked several sites such as YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter.The company you are working for has blocked Facebook in your workplace.you can also check out last post on best music downloading websites to download songs for free.So without further do let’s get to work.

Now, relating to any of the above situations with yours, you may need to access any oh such blocked sites urgently, or for some time span in during leisure period. A web proxy server site can be saviour.

How To Use a Proxy Server Site?

Using a good free proxy list site you can easily access any blocked sites safely.All you have to do is visit any of the online proxy server sites listed below,type the Domain name of the blocked site in the URL box of the reverse proxy server homepage, and press enter. Then you will be directed to the blocked site immediately.

best free proxy server websites list

Top proxy server sites list to access block websites on pc,laptop,Mac

#1. Filterbypass.me

The site is my favourite for its free quality service and user-friendly interface. After accessing into this site, you will see a URL box where you need to type your desired website to access. This anonymous web proxy also allows you to encrypt your browsing history if you wish so.Another facility offered by the site is you can click on the “surf” button which will expose an another window where your desired accessed website will show up. While working on the blocked site in another window, you need to keep active the unblock proxy site.

#2. Unblocker.us

I have placed Unblocker.us  its user-friendly and attractive interface. Just visit to the site, type or copy paste the web link of your desired site, then hit the “GO” button, and Bamm! Here also, you can select your choice from  options like allowance of client-side scripting and encryption.The site has lesser ads, which will keep your browsing experience great. If you are onto hand-pick the best, you should try this.

#3. Proxify.com

Proxify.com is my third favourite among best proxy server sites. This  one comes with premium service. However, you will never regret paying for this proxy site. And you can always make your mind before buying this whether to pay for this or not using its 3 days free trial version.Proxify.com offers three different services depends on your needs, which are for personal uses- Proxy basic, for commercial- Proxy pro, and for professional uses or multiple system access- Switch proxy.

#4. Proxysite.com

Another must try proxy site is Proxysite.com. I had to place this certain site in the top list for its better user interface. Its user interface looks and works very professional. Though the site has some normal banner ads but it does not irritate you with pop-up ads.

#5. Newipnow.com

Newipnow.com has kind of classic look but it’s another great tool to get your job done. In the homepage, you will see an URL box where you need to enter your desired website name, choose an IP address from the list just below the URL box.

These are the top 5 best proxy server websites which allow you to access and hassle free use of blocked websites in a certain area. The premium one I have mention in the list is definitely worth buying, and other free versions are just great in their job.

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