Best fitness apps for android and iphone 2016

Now-a-days we people have become so much busy in our working day life. We don’t have time even to go the Gym to take care our health. We have less time to care of our Physical body and to maintain our fitness. It is a big major problem for all Men and Women at present. Peoples are always aware of their losing fitness but for some issues we cannot make things right.

Fitness Apps guides those people who may not be motivated or do not have enough knowledge to improve their health on their own. So here is some cheapest way to maintain our fitness through the Internet Best Fitness Apps. If you are interested to add a few Apps in your personal phone, here are some Fitness Apps for you. 

best fitness app for 2016

MyFitnessPal: It’s no doubt that MyFitnessPal is ranked app and among one of those top Fitness Apps in the industry. MyFitnessPal app has more than 5 million food database, barcode nutrition scanner and a recipe importer. It has the ability of track food intake quickly and with just a few simple steps of exercise helps the users to balance their calories on a day-to-day life. It is available on iPhone and Android device. You can download the basic version for free.                                                           

Pear Personal Coach: Pear Personal Coach app is one of another good app. You can take a personal trainer to guide through your workouts, without hiring anyone?

So here is unique features of Pear Personal Coach, it has hundreds of audio track to workouts from variety of coaches for all fitness level. Olympian Deena Kastor, Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders coach Jay Johnson and many other well-known fitness professional’s tips including audios. It has also ability to learn your maximum rate at which your body is able to consume oxygen during the exercise [VO2Max]. you can measure your heart beat by simply pairing in your device with a heart rate monitor and give a quick running test.You can download for free it’s basic version. Available on Android phones and on iPhone [VO2Max test available on iPhone]

FitStar Personal Trainer: Tony Gonzalez is one of the most and greatest tight ends in NFL history and no one can compare with Tony. Tony gives advice and Tips about fitness. Its worthy to listen.Its hard to believe that Tony Gonzalez missed only two games in his 17-year career who is a doubled player by focusing deeply on fitness and nutrition. He provides voice-overs to keep you motivated and fitted.

FitStar has the free option, which is designed to get you started on your journey ta o healthier lifestyle and well fitted person within two sessions per week. FitStar’s premium version is worth considering than the high definition videos and custom audios, which are helping you to reach your fitness goal.It is also free to download on your android and iPhone device.

Sworkit: “Simply Work It” is stands for Sworkit. Sworkit offers many videos of exercise by giving a demonstration of professional personal trainers. It has more than 200 types of exercise with 13 million users and counting. This app is specially for the kids as well as for the adults. You can give a try on this versatile workout app.

You can customise your standard workouts by picking your workout length. You can choose many areas or places for workout and any other special needs or limitations. The app features interval training with randomised exercise to maximize the effectiveness of every workout and randomization keeps your body from getting used to a specific routine.

Available on Android phones and on iPhone and basic version is free to download.

ActiveX: ActiveX is one of the best app among the best fitness apps. This is an exercise program especially for employees of the ACTIVE network. It helps thousands of people to motivate each other through the connecting activity. The app features group training experiences with in-app coaching and personalised Tabata-based interval work-outs. You can find and create “packs” to play with and also can download plans for 5Ks, 10Ks and many more.This app is only available on iPhone and its basic version is free to download.If you are using one of those free fitness apps , please share or comment your own opinion below.

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