5 Best CDN Services for WordPress Website/Blog To Speed Up In 2016

What is the best content delivery network (CDN)?Most of the people nowadays host a website via WordPress which definitely has some better features over Blogger. But have you ever thought about how to make your WordPress website more faster? Not only that but have you ever thought about how to reduce the loading time of your website and make it more faster? Well there is an option for you. A better one. It’s called Content Delivery Network or best CDN providers websites.You can also check out some free mp3 music download websites.

Why You Need a CDN for your WordPress Blog?What is CDN?

Well you might be thinking, ‘What is a CDN?’ The answer is quite simple.CDN networks actually consist of a network of servers which are optimised to distribute static files like the images, videos, scripts of your website. The best CDN networks have their servers across the globe and as your static files are duplicated to all their servers, likely there will be a server close by to decrease the loading time of your website.The most essential thing however is that it best CDN services¬†don’t take up your time.They just work on in the background.

Free CDN Services to Speed Up WordPress

But have you ever wondered which CDN will be the best for your WordPress website? Have you ever wanted a fast and a reliable website but don’t know which CDN to choose? Don’t worry for this time because we have brought you the list of five best CDNs for your WordPress website.

5 Best Free CDN Services for WordPress Blog 2016


MaxCDN are known as experts in content delivery networks services. If your website has global audience, you’ll definitely like the large number of server locations distributed across Asia, South America, Europe, USA and Australia. The dashboard provided by this CDN service is definitely liked by everybody. Also, you get a good amount of control over how your website content is hosted by this service. MaxCDN gives us real time reporting and analytics as well as high level of account security. And if you face any problem, there is 24/7 help desk support available which makes it the best among the others.



This CDN service is considered to be among the best CDN service available. It has servers around 76 data centers around the globe. You media files and other remaining static data is automatically sent to the CloudFlare network and your visitors are served by a dynamic view of your website by your web host.The best service is this network is that it provides your with threat blocking and bot limiting features for your WordPress website. It also allows a Quick setup with custom WordPress plugins too which makes it very good in its service.

Jetpack Photon

Jetpack Photon is not a full CDN service. Let’s tell you about it. Actually if you don’t need a full CDN service but need a way to speed up your website by offloading your image files, then Jetpack Photon is at your service. Photon is actually used on the WordPress websites hosted by Automatic. But self-hosted websites have option of using this service using the Jetpack plugin. Once you activate Photon, all images will be sent to WordPress.com cloud which takes load off your web host and decreases the loading time of your site. It is actually the best alternative to a full CDN service.

Jetpack Photon


KeyCDN is available for almost nil amount. You don’t have to pay monthly but for the data you transfer. The network of this site spans the four main regions of the globe. There is also a real time reporting that shows you how your website is performing with this service and how much data you’re using. The dashboard is really impressive. The service comes with full security and 24/7 help desk support. As we said, the price is over 0.04$ for first 10TB which can even be considered very less.


Amazon CloudFront

It’s a part of Amazon Web Services portfolio. Actually it’s a bit more detailed and useful than the other services. Even CloudFront integrates with the S3 cloud hosting service, also from Amazon. The best thing about this service is that it improvises large number of locations spread across five main regions along with detailed usage reporting and optional access logs. Also, the service provides online support for any of your queries.


This was our list of best CDN services for your WordPress websites. You can try any of these to bring out the best from your website.


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