The first thing we love in our iPhones is the quality.You don’t compare anything with an iPhone, do you? And the best thing about iPhones is the security it provides in every aspect and every place of the internet or the device we visit. However when it comes to downloading best music app for iPhone, you might just need to reconsider yourself there.

iPhone unlike every other platform doesn’t let you just search the internet for a song and download mp3 songs easily. It’s far more different from this stuff. You cannot just download any file with proper authorization and downloading music from internet in the form of mp3 isn’t considered at all.

Rather iPhones have a better system of getting music.You don’t need to waste all your time searching the internet and downloading your favorite songs.Rather, iOS gives you an authority to install apps and download music either for free or purchase it.

Best free musicĀ app for iphone

But choosing your favorite apps could be a mess to as every app isn’t trustworthy. And that’s why, today we’ve brought you a list of best music apps for iPhone that you can download for listening to music on your iPhones.

1) Spotify

One of the most loved app from music lovers is the Spotify.This app is widely used by iPhone users as well as Android users to listen to music.It has a very pleasant interface that you would love to use.Spotify shows you available tracks by their genres like classic, rock, country and others.If you want to find a certain track, go to the search box and enter your query.By this app you can stream as well as save music offline for listening later.Spotify is one the most popular and free music streaming app for iPhone,iOS users.


2) Tidal

At first look, Tidal seems similar to Spotify.Yet it provides access to high quality music for $19.99 per month.This app will let you share as well as listen to your favorite music offline i.e you can download or listen music without wifi or internet on the go.If you like a track, you can easily save it and later hear it without having to use your internet connection.Tidel is very amazing app for music for iOS devices.


3) Apple Music App

When you first buy you iPhone, iPad out iPod touch, it comes with Apple Music by default.It will also give you all necessary music player functions and also allows you to create playlists for free and as much as you want to.This app gets regular updates as well as allows you to play your saved music offline.

4) Free Mp3Box

This app for iPhone is actually a streaming app which allows you to play free music but it is also the best one for you too.Actually you don’t need to worry about downloading or managing storage space on your iPhone anymore.It also lets you listen to live radio absolutely free. All the music is legal and music tracks go with official musical videos, which you can switch off if your Internet connection is slow.This music for iPhone certainly worth try.

5) Google Play Music

If you are looking for how to download songs in iphone from internet.No this isn’t a wrong entry.Google even has enabled its music app over iPhones too and with the same features as that of Android.This means that fans of Android using iPhones can also download this app to stream into music and enjoy their favorite music tracks.The free version of this app only lets you stream the music but the paid version allows you to save that into your device.

6) Amazon Prime Music

This app, as the name suggests, is a music app for iOS that’s provided by Amazon. This app allows you to either use it for 30 days as a trial or actually buy an yearly subscription right away. This app even lets you download tracks for playing music offline. In nutshell, this app will prove to be far better than expected.

7) Groove

This app is available for all platforms with a paid subscription. The best part of this app is that the purchased version contains no ads. It lets you actually download the tracks and songs you want to hear on your iPhone. Moreover, if you need deciding time of whether to purchase this app or not, it will let you do that by giving you a 30 day trial for free.

8) Deezer

We know you also want offline music into your phone and there’s no better app than this for serving the purpose. It offers you to download its music library for $6 per month. However, the drawback of this app is that if you stop paying or delete this app from your phone, the offline songs will be unavailable.

That’s it. This was our list of best music apps for iPhone.You can download any of these apps from the iTunes store.Download and enjoy listening to your favorite songs.


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